Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Wedding are special. They happen once in a lifetime, and that is the most magical moment in our lives. You want to make that moment eternal. You want to relive it in every picture, every emotion, every tear of joy. When such a moment can be captured on camera, it lives forever. It becomes eternal. With a good snap, you can go back years later and completely relive the emotion of that very special day. This is what Fabrizio does for you, with an incredible attention to the details. Bring an Italian Style elegance to your marriage day. Choose Fabrizio for his unique style and vision!


Vancouver Portraits Photographer

Portraits are about exposing the soul of a human being. Whether it is a corporate headshot, or it is a family photograph,or it is a snap of a newborn or a dying parent, we want to make the soul of that individual, eternal. The biggest issue with corporate head shots is that the person’s soul does not shine through the face. And this is what we want in the headshot, we want to make that person alive, distinguished, real, so people who look at that photograph feels confidence in that individual. Being able to connect with the subject is Fabrizio’s priority. Book an amazing portrait session with him, in studio or on location!

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