Photography found Fabrizio in 1993, on a rural road in Bologna, middle Italy. His dad has just gotten his camera stolen, and Fabrizio was sent out to find a replacement.

On his way back, with the new camera in hand, he noticed the world was looking different. He started clicking away. Twenty one years later and he has never looked back.

Fabrizio’s gift is his capacity to freeze a moment of real life: tears of joy in the eyes of a bride, the far away look in the eyes of a hermit, and the water drop as it slowly finds its way down a palm leaf.

He loves to capture the emotions of the moment. Fabrizio yearns to capture the aliveness of a moment so that we can go back to it, years later, and still feel exactly the way we felt on that day when the picture was taken.

It is not the camera or the act of photography that inspires Fabrizio

It is the capacity to capture the ESSENCE of the moment.



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