Fabrizio Belardetti was born in Bologna on February 6, 1976. His dreams became reality in the world of photography in 1996, when he started to work as a photographer, assisting Fabio Fantuzzi, a professional photographer both at the national and international level, for 10 years and he was fundamental for the development of his artistic skills.
The first part of his career was devoted to various kinds of services, expressing an eclectic talent in reportage, the realization of portraits, and landscape composition. In 2001 he obtained a degree in Medical Biotechnology, and later a master’s degree in Bioinformatics at Bologna University, where he currently lives and works.
In addition to the photographic skills in the production phase, he also presents exceptional skills in post-production and printing black and white film, and uses traditional techniques with charm and the latest developments in digital technology.
His meticulous attention to detail and use of high-quality tools are the foundation for all his works, as he translates reality into the creative art of photography.
In the early months of 2010 he opened his own studio in the province of Bologna, a essential reference point for artisans of the highest quality.  His latest endeavor has led him to work extensively with Macro technique, an exceptional method which presents previously unseen viewpoints and conquers the limits of human imagination.